What We Do

AIRCOR has continued to ‘hand pick’ and add personal “our most valued asset” with the appropriate industry skills and experience that will only enhance our reputation and position in Western Australia as a professional organisation offering our customers a complete solution in the HVAC industry including:

Aircor Mechanical Services can provide services relating to the Refurbishments & Upgrades to many aspects within the HVAC Industry.
These works can include, but are NOT limited too

*Tenancy Upgrade Works including – Airconditioning
– Ventilation
– Exhaust Systems
– Building Management Control Systems (BMCS)

*Entire Airconditioning Replacements including – Package Units
– Split Systems
– Chillers
– Air Handling Units
– Control Systems
– Cooling Towers
– VRV Systems

Regular servicing is required to keep performance of your systems at optimum levels thereby reducing running costs and increasing efficiency. At AIRCOR we offer specialised tailored maintenance programs to suit your individual needs and to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs such as;

  • Will enhance equipment life through regular maintenance, testing and cleaning
  • Regular maintenance will ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency of your equipment.
  • The air quality of your system is kept to a high standard if your filters are checked, cleaned or replaced regularly.
  • If you have a regular preventative maintenance program, when you require your system will function optimally when you need it most.
  • Should you nevertheless experience a breakdown or any other emergency we offer you a 24/7 commercial breakdown service
  • We can remove or shift equipment within your premises to suit your needs
  • Will ensure your air conditioning manufacturer’s warranty is validated

Regular servicing and maintenance is very important for the life of an air conditioning system, and ensures that your warranty remains current. Potential expensive problems can also be avoided before they become an issue when regular maintenance is carried out.

At AIRCOR Mechanical Services our service department is second to none when it comes to providing qualified trained service technicians that are capable of diagnosing, quoting if required and rectifying any repairs or replacements for any model air conditioner.

A tailored maintenance program for any commercial / industrial air conditioning system can be arranged for you.

Aircor Mechanical Services are on site and working in conjunction with numerous  industrial and resource operations ensuring their HVAC and mechanical ventilation systems are designed, installed, serviced and maintained to the highset standard and adhere to all relevant industry legislative requirements.

At Aircor we understand the complexities of the industrial industry sector and are continually aiming to improve and exceed in the OH&S, Environmental, Human Resource and Community obligations associated with these projects.

Key areas of expertise:

  • On site shutdown support
  • Switch rooms
  • Power stations
  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Fertiliser plants
  • Production facilities

Aircor Mechanical Services have numerous shopping centre and retail sites under contract providing 24/7 service and routine preventative maintenance of these sites throughout the Perth and surrounding regional areas in Western Australia.

From these works Aircor are involved extensively within these sites with regular on ongoing tenancy fit out and upgrade type works with varying types of tenants such as;

  • Cafes
  • Coffee Lounges
  • Nail Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Sports Stores
  • Clothing & Shoe Stores
  • Jewellery & Designer Stores
  • Electronic Goods Stores

Varying types of HVAC and mechanical ventilations systems are required to provide BCA and industry compliance of this wide range of clientele involving equipment such as;

  • Commercial kitchen extraction systems
  • Kitchen make up air systems
  • Outside air systems
  • DX air conditioning systems – package and split
  • Evaporative cooling systems
  • Chilled water systems
  • VAV systems
  • BMCS control systems

Aircor utilise industry approved and compliant products in all works undertaken and are constantly on the search for new products with improved technology, energy efficiency, price and after-market support in an effort to provide our customers with the latest technology and equipment available

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The advantage that AIRCOR offer as a privately owned and operated organisation is that the company Director, Sven takes a ‘hands on’ approach in assisting and supporting our staff at all levels to ensure that our customers not only receive but exceed expectations delivered from AIRCOR.

Federation Centres

Shelford Constructions

Perth Energy

HN Perry


Coogee Chemicals


Burgess Rawson